7 November 2013

School’s out

Our local school was closed for an inset day at the end of last month, which got us thinking…how about an impromptu Let’s Make Art workshop to fill the gap? We set to work with planning and resourcing and bagged the best located lamp post in town to advertise the event. 

On the day, we left our uniforms at home, donned our smocks and headed out into the bright morning sun. We were armed with cake, an overhead projector, a light box, primary coloured play dough and a story or two. 

The children, aged one to seven years, inspired us with their imaginative use of the materials, turning our spoon doll kits into vampires and creatures of the night, as well as sugary pink characters with names such as Dolly Pearl. 

Other activities were set up to be more open ended, including a light box to layer coloured acetate and different shaped objects on, and an ornate projected image to colour in. The play dough was loved by all the children; some using it to make sculptures and some mixing the primary colours to learn a little about colour theory. Story-time included My Big Shouting Day and Denver and you could’ve heard a pin drop (well, perhaps a beaker crash to the floor) while they were being read. 

A special thank you to Sophie Rae, a Bristol based print-maker and illustrator, who came to lend a helping hand and Anna for the light making machines.